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Our Value Added Services

Whilst we can and do supply retailers with just hardware and/or software, we believe it really is advantageous to use our additional services.

Our value added services are everything you need to hit the ground running, whilst ensuring you are supported throughout. Keep stress at bay and let us setup, configure, install, train and support you. This leaves you free to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

Setup & Configuration

Have us install & configure the software and save yourself many hours of time and effort. Guaranteed!!

Features and Benefits:

  • No computer or network knowledge required.
  • Item descriptions and prices entered so you don’t have to.
  • Fast one touch “hotkeys” for commonly used functions and items.
  • Users all setup and security roles assigned.
  • Zero hassle and you’re ready to start using the EPOS straightaway.

We really do recommend our setup & configuration service however it’s not mandatory. If you’d prefer we can just sell you the licence(s) and provide you with a download link to the software.

Installation & Training

Once your system has been built you can choose whether to do the installation yourself or have us come and do it. If you choose us you can be guaranteed of a professional install where you’ll be up and running within a few hours. If you’d prefer to do it yourself then we’ll be more than happy to assist over the phone and supply extras such as spiral wrap and cable ties.

Usually the next step after the installation is for you to be trained. If we are onsite doing the install then it makes sense for us to do the training straight after. Please allow a minimum of a day and a half and have all staff members onsite. If you have our “EPOS in a Box” solution where you install the equipment then we can do some remote training with you.

Just like the setup & configuration, we highly recommend we come onsite as history has proven this to be the most effective solution.

Ongoing Support & Best Practice

Want training? Or do you just need some help? Get the latest support, information and guidance for your Retail Management Hero solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full system support including supplied hardware.
  • Inclusive use and upgrades of our apps.
  • We aim for next business day swap out on all equipment.
  • Three daily backups of your data both on and offsite.
  • Certified support team to assist with any queries you may have.
  • + many more.

For your “Peace of Mind”, our support package is inclusive and we’re certain you’ll find the service invaluable.

Handheld Devices for Stocktaking

After the installation and training the next step is to do a stock take so the system knows the item quantities in your store.

Emporio have a mobile solution so you can complete this in record time, and there’s no need to close your store. We have handheld devices we loan out free of charge to our new customers. Just let us know if you require one or two and we’ll make them available.

It’s also recommended that each store checks their stock every year to ensure quantities are correct. This is best performed towards the end of the financial year so you have an up-to-date valuation for your year-end accounts. Unfortunately on these occasions we do have a small charge to cover maintenance and postage.

Bespoke Development

Whilst the majority find the “Out of the Box” solution provides all the functionality they need, some retailers like extra routines/reports to assist with a particular task or process.

Our long-established and highly skilled team of developers can design, implement, deploy and document a range of solutions tailored to your requirements. This could be anything from as little as a daily check with confirmation email to a fully fledged integration with a CRM or Web platform. And, of course, anything in between.

However small or insignificant, please give us a call if you would like to discuss the possibility of having some development done. We will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Need convincing further why we shouldn’t be your EPOS provider? The next section lists some of our customers’ lovely feedback.

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