Apps & Loyalty

Build on your retail solution with Emporio’s powerful Apps

Our apps are not only a fantastic addition to your EPOS solution but the majority are also free to customers who have a monthly support package. For further information on how our apps can save your business time and money arrange a demo today by contacting us.

Price File Import

One of the most daunting questions when choosing your EPOS solution is “How long will it take me to input all my stock items?”. The good news is with this app we preload your system with all of your suppliers’ data and you can even update automatically on an ongoing basis. This is achieved by suppliers uploading their data to our servers which then feeds down to your store.

Features and Benefits:

  • Import all items from your suppliers.
  • Option to choose which fields to update via our Control Panel.
  • Suppliers’ price files can be scheduled to update regularly.
  • New lines automatically added and supplier information removed for discontinued lines.

If you’re a supplier, please click here for our Price File Upload portal.

Emporio Mobile App

Your initial stock count is of paramount importance so we’ve made it as simple as possible with this app. This small but useful piece of software works on any mobile device with a barcode scanner to allow communication with your till to update stock quantities, prices or reorder information to name just a few. In addition, we will loan you up to two devices for four weeks free of charge with every EPOS purchase.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easily stock take your store with a mobile device.
  • No training required as easy to use.
  • All updates are done in real-time.
  • Update stock levels, departments, categories, reorder levels, VAT rates and pricing.

Emporio Tools App

Exclusive to Emporio this app provides various additional and unique reports and tools. These include our Slow Movers, Price Variance and High & Low Ideal reports which all ensure you’re managing your stock and therefore your cash flow at an optimum level. Our tools also include many wizards and apps that provide shortcuts for time consuming tasks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Many helpful custom reports.
  • Feature rich features.
  • Provides a better insight into your business.
  • Save time and money.

Purchase Order Transmission

Send all your orders with the click of a button with our Purchase Order Transmission app. We have built in flexibility so your orders can be sent via Email with various CSV file formats or our partnered suppliers have a full integration where you are presented with real-time stock availability and an update of your Purchase Order to reflect the stock available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Send purchase orders to suppliers without the need to phone or fax.
  • Get live stock information from our integrated partners.
  • Easy to keep track of your purchase orders.
  • Have your purchase orders updated to match your deliveries.

Loyalty & Incentives

Proven to increase your customers average spend and keep them coming back. Our loyalty app is a comprehensive solution allowing users to create flexible customer loyalty scenarios involving various types of loyalty points and rewards. You can award on the purchased items price, quantity or on the transaction subtotal and can group items and customers to collection and redemption schedules and rules.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased average customer visits and spend.
  • Customer vouchers issued automatically.
  • Simple and easy to setup.
  • Gather customer intelligence, track spending and build your newsletter/email database.

*Additional fees are payable with this app.

In addition to our apps & loyalty addins you can also sell via multiple channels including your very own ecommerce webstore.

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